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March 2024 Recap

It feels like I blinked, and the month wrapped up before I even knew it was coming to an end! In our house, between March Break, and Easter, the month had a lot going on, but there isn't much to show for it. We spent our days colouring, building puzzles, making towers (and knocking them down!) H and I had a date at Disney on Ice, and Marlo and I have been bird/squirrel watching from our living room window. I've been itching for some warm days so I can put away the parka and thick socks, and put some thought into my outfits because people might actually see them : )


A recap of what I did in March:

What I Read:

  • Marisa Meltzer: Glossy This is a tricky one for me to decide if I would recommend or not. It starts off making it very clear that Emily Weiss (founder of Glossier) wasn't comfortable with this book being written, which made me feel weird reading it. Glossy is not a tell-all, or a business book, and I can't decide if it was gossip or just facts. I personally didn't love it, and I didn't write down a single quote (non-fiction usually = a ton of quotes for me). It would have been SO much better if Emily wrote it herself, and honestly if it were me I would be annoyed that someone else took that opportunity from me..

  • Kate Kennedy: One in a Millennial If you are looking for a mostly FUN read that is full of nostalgic references to bring you back in time, but also make you feel understood (and you were born 1981-1996) this one is for you. I was born in 1987, the same year that Kate was, and I loved that references for things that happened at a certain age in her life, happened at the same age for me. I am SO happy I found this at the library when I did!

  • Sarah Ditum: Toxic Toxic made me rethink every part of celebrity pop culture that I thought I knew from the early to mid 2000's. Each chapter focuses on a different woman from the time who could easily be found on the covers at magazine stands, all over Perez Hilton, and on TMZ. It's highly researched, and made me wonder more than once how we as a culture just accepted headlines as "truth". Another library find that I would highly recommend!

In case you missed it, I wrote a longer post comparing "One in a Millennium" and "Toxic" with as many quotes as I could fit without giving the books away. You can read it here!

  • Kenan Thompson: When I Was Your Age This one wasn't for me. Someone who has worked an SNL for over twenty years, would have a TON of stories, and it felt like Kenan was glossing over and holding back details. The book was a light hearted read that didn't dwell on anything for too long. It was good to fall asleep to at night, but otherwise, it isn't one to yell from the rooftops about (in my opinion).

What I Watched:

  • I wrapped up The Bachelor and Love Is Blind, and honestly, I don't know what to do on Monday and Wednesday nights any more! Bachelor: Kelsey A wasn't even on my radar last month, but as the girls were narrowed down, I was really excited that she won. Did anyone else catch that Joey always said "I missed you" when he saw her again?? I also take back what I said about not understanding Joey's hype- I watched his and Kelsey's interview on The Viall Files, and was able to see the unedited version of him. I still wouldn't scream if I saw the guy, but I can see the charm now! Love is Blind: I can't believe how much of a turn Trevor took from being an absolute favourite (for me included!), and how fast/hard he fell after being on the show.

  • Love At First Sight (Netflix) I LOVED this movie!!!!!! It was happy, and sad, and one of those movies that just warms your heart up at the end. Of course after I watched it, I realized it's a book ("The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight"). The library has it in the YA section, but I'm going to enjoy reading it in April anyway.

  • Expats (Amazon Prime) Matt and I just started watching this at the end of the month. At first I wasn't sure if it was for me, because I don't like watching things that scare me, and Nicole Kidman plays a very different role in this than I'm used to her playing... but it's not scary, and she is incredible as always. (Trigger warning: something happens to her little boy) This is so well done (the videography, the acting, the writing), and every night Matt and I force ourselves to turn it off after one episode and go to bed. I'll report back at the end of April after I've watched the whole season!

Expats (Amazon Prime)

What I Purchased:

  • "A Coloring Book For Book Lovers" -Pippi Post (Amazon affiliate link). This colouring book is so cute with different reading settings or book spines/covers on the pages, and some of the pages are broken up into 3 bookmarks to colour! I think this could be a cute teacher's gift too if you're starting to think about those!

  • This romper in black from Old Navy. It is so comfortable, and I can't wait for warmer weather to wear it! Plus, it's made with "crinkle gauze", so in addition to only needing one piece for this outfit, you don't have to worry about it getting wrinkled in your dresser either!

What I Did For Myself:

  • I had dance class every Friday night! While I sometimes caught myself just freezing on the spot when I couldn't remember the next move(s), I had a lot of fun and signed myself up again for Friday nights in April!

  • I made time to read more. Sometimes this means letting the girls argue in the background while I'm reading, but I think it's really good for them to see their mom (me) reading and taking time for myself, and for them to play on their own.

  • I carved out time to write more too. I write the best in complete silence, which doesn't happen often around here, but I made a point to take advantage when it does!


I find this monthly recap holds me accountable to do more for myself in addition to what I already do for/with my kids. I hope you enjoy reading them, and I encourage you to make a note for yourself every month of what you read, watch, purchase, and do for yourself too!

As always, feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram ( @grey.nextdoor ) if you have watched/read the same things as me and want to share your thoughts or suggest something else for me to add to my reading list!

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