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January 2024 Recap

I don't know what it is about the new year, but every January I find myself inspired to do more while also feeling the urge to hibernate. But at the same time, I end up looking at realtor listings more often because the walls of my house feel like they are caving in on me.

Does this sound like you too? Let's be friends!

Here is a recap of what I did to get through the never-ending month of January:

What I Read:

  • Christina Lauren: The Soulmate Equation + The True Love Experiment I love a good chicklit- even better if it's a series! *I accidentally read these in the wrong order, but they are written in a way that it doesn't really matter!

  • Jessica Urlichs: All I See Is You Matt gave me all three of her books for Christmas. Short poems and stories to pick up when you're short on time and need some encouragement. Perfect if you are also in the thick of it with little ones!

What I Watched:

  • Love on the Spectrum (Netflix) I have been shouting from the rooftops about Love on the Spectrum for anyone who will listen! I can't emphasize enough how happy this show makes me: it is so heartwarming, kind, and gives me hope for the world. It is also educational, and demonstrates just how much of a spectrum autism really is. I can't watch this without a giant smile on my face, and I need you to watch it too!

  • The Trust (Netflix) I love a good reality competition show! This follows a group of contestants as they decide whether to share $250,000 evenly between themselves, or anonymously vote others out of the group so they can get a larger share. Watch kind-hearted people get absolutely shocked by the backstabbing happening behind the scenes. I really enjoyed this one!

  • Good Grief (Netflix) I have been a fan of Dan Levy since his days on The Hills: Live After Show (hands up if you remember this!) and was very excited for this film to come out. He shows a vulnerable side of himself that we haven't really seen on screen before. As a viewer, you witness him navigate the multiple layers of grief over a year, with the help of his friends. This feels like a really special movie, and I think it would be viewed differently depending on what you are going through in your personal life when you watch it. My favourite line: "People feel things that are inconvenient, Thomas."

  • Love is Blind: Sweden (Netflix) While I am eagerly waiting for the sixth season of Love is Blind to air on February 14th, I decided to indulge myself with Love is Blind: Sweden. I'm not sure why, but this season was missing something for me. I had to keep reminding myself that these shows are purposely edited to make us view contestants in a certain way, because I found most of the men on Love is Blind: Sweden to be disappointing, and after watching, I learned that someone who I loved (Catja!) is not a fan favourite online. It is worth noting that you have to actively watch this one because unless you can speak Swedish, you will be relying on subtitles. However, if you are going to watch Love is Blind with subtitles, I encourage you to watch Love is Blind: Japan instead! I watched this season years ago, and I still think about it. I find it absolutely fascinating how different our dating cultures are- everyone on this season is so respectful, and honest (and they don't seem to be offended by the honesty). The show is also absolutely beautiful! Instead of the sad hallway that we are used to, they meet on a bridge with cherry blossoms cascading all around them! *cue the heart eyes! I think I need to treat myself and watch this one again....

Love is Blind Japan

What I Purchased:

  • If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me posting about this vacuum ALL month long, and I'm not sorry for it! We have NEVER had a "nice" vacuum- the closest I got was a used don't-want-to-mention-the-competitor's-name that ended up smelling like wet dog and I had to resell it lol. Our last vacuum was so loud, heavy, and broken that I absolutely dreaded using it (so I rarely did). I did some research, and found nothing but rave reviews on Tineco products. This vacuum is a GAME CHANGER. I honestly love it so much- it's quiet, powerful, and I actually look forward to using it! I have the A11 Pet Ex, which means it picks up every speck of dust or tiny hair, and has a HEPA filter to keep our home extra clean. It also comes with two batteries, to give a total running time of 70 minutes on hardwood floors, less on carpets. As one of my favourite quotes says, buy it nice, or buy it twice!

  • A new toque from True North Knits Co! I chose the "Campfire Beanie" in wheat, but both of my girls have the "Candyhearts Beanie" and it is sooo cute on them! Mine hasn't arrived just yet, but I am really excited for it!

  • After being super jealous of anyone who got the Winter Jilly Box, I ended the month by getting myself the Spring Box! I'm really excited to see what is included in this!

What I Did for Myself:

  • I wrote my resume! As someone who hasn't applied for a new job in a very long time, this felt like a BIG win. I found a template on Etsy that I liked, and adjusted it to work for me.

  • I applied for some paid jobs, and put my name out there. Another BIG win- even if I don't find something that works for me for a while, it feels good to get this ball rolling. (If you are a small business looking for some help with your copy writing/editing, feel free to reach out!)

  • As a family, we got ourselves out of the house as much as we could: library days, sledding, bowling, play dates... It's tricky with the baby still on two naps a day, but I find our days are easier to tackle when we put our coats on and leave for a bit.

mom and harper pulling the GT Snow Racer up the hill
we finally had snow and could use H's new GT Snow Racer!

What about you?! What should I be adding to my "To Be Read" list? What are you watching that makes you happy? Did you do anything for yourself this month? I want to hear!


Please note that some links on this post are affiliate links. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you so much for your support!

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