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February 2024 Recap

Is it just me, or did we all have to keep reminding ourselves all month long that it was February? In Niagara, February is usually the month where the snowbanks are sky high, and everyone has slipped on the ice at least once. This year, not only have we barely had to shovel, but some days we questioned if we even needed a coat. It's been crazy!

I spent my month walking in the sunshine during the day, binging my favourite shows at night, and laying the groundwork for what I hope will become an actual career for myself. Let's jump into it!


A recap of what I did in February:

What I Read:

  • Sophia Kinsella: The Burnout You know how much I love chicklits! I usually read these on my kobo at night before bed, but I kept finding myself picking this up during the day too! Sophia Kinsella has been a favourite of mine for years because I love the humour that she includes with her story telling. This was predictable, but such a joy to read!

  • Estelle Erasmus: Writing That Gets Noticed and Jessie L. Kwak: From Dream to Reality How to Make a Living As a Freelance Writer I saw both of these books on the "New Non Fiction" shelf at the library, and couldn't believe my luck! It's funny how if you are passionate about something, what could be seen as a boring textbook to someone else is a valuable resource for yourself. I have made a ton of notes from Writing That Gets Noticed, and had to immediately purchase From Dream to Reality for myself so that I could tab, highlight, and mark it up as much as I wanted to.

What I Watched:

  • Children Ruin Everything (Netflix) This is your typical CTV 30 min Canadian show that is easy to kill time with, but if you have young kids, it's also very relatable and will make you laugh. Matt and I would usually watch this if we weren't ready to go to bed yet and wanted to watch something short that wouldn't keep us up too late. Bo is an absolute delightful character who deserves more screen time.

  • The Bachelor (Amazon Prime) I used to watch The Bachelor in my early 20's, and for some reason haven't since. It's weird to watch it with more maturity, and from a feminist point of view, but I still love it. It's flashy, and competitive, and so unrealistic that it's fun to watch. I cheered as the mean girls left, and I'm very intrigued to see how this all ends. Honest thoughts: Joey is a little too calm for me and I don't understand the hype, but I like a lot of the women! Favourites as of now: Daisy and Maria. (I also loved Kelsey T and was shocked when she left, and I still can't believe Lexi is gone too!)

  • Love is Blind (Netflix) It's baaaack! This season (6) has been an absolute train wreck to watch, in the very best way. Love triangles making the wrong final choices / breakups out of (what seems like) nowhere / cheating scandals.... I have to keep reminding myself that these are real people and I should have some empathy, but I honestly can't put my snacks down and stop binge watching! My favourite guy: Trevor | My favourite girl: A.D.

  • The Viall Files (Youtube) If you love watching trashy reality tv like I do, Nick Viall does a great Reality Recap episode once a week where the team breaks down all of the reality shows and gives their opinions. You can either watch this on Youtube like I do, or listen to it on Spotify! This week he had Jessica from Love is Blind on the show to give some behind the scenes insight.

  • One Day (Netflix) I think this series should come with a trigger warning, but it doesn't, so I am going to give you one here: you will LOVE this show, and it will break your heart into a million little pieces. This was done so well, and I think even knowing what I know now, I would still have to watch the entire thing. However, if you want to end it on a high note and not sob uncontrollably for days after, I suggest not watching past episode 12. You've been warned. I will be thinking about this series for a long time.

One Day (Netflix)

What I Purchased:

  • Hoot + Holly announced that she was discontinuing her mini scrunchies, but Harper loves these so I had to stock up while I still could! I also got her a cute little explorer bag to put with her Easter basket.

  • If you have a Yoto, you are going to want to know about this find! StickerFule is an Etsy account out of Ontario that I came across when I was looking for a Yoto sticker to cover our Make Your Own card. The stickers are fully customizable, and easy to apply. The girls were really excited when we brought some life to their card!

  • There was a Babaton lightweight jacket at Plato's Closet that fit perfectly, and I just couldn't leave behind, especially for $35.

  • Easter is coming early this year, and I found some cute basket fillers from Dollar Tree and Walmart. Once again, Marlo is the hardest to buy for! So far, she is getting a new bathing suit and a book with her fruit and veggie pouches (aww!)

  • The Jilly Box arrived in the mail mid-month, and I am so happy with everything in it! - Chugging ine+nutrition every morning clears my head, perks me up, and makes me feel like I'm giving my body some of the nutrients it begs for. - The robe isn't as soft as I would like it to be, but it's great for spring as the temperatures get a little warmer! - The dry brush is so nice to use before showers- makes me feel like an adult. - The bud vase is a really cute addition that is easy to dress up with a simple flower. - The mug/charger is such a great idea. I don't have any problem drinking my coffee while it's still hot though, so this was the only item that I passed on (sold) to someone else.

  • We previously purchased a dresser and matching nightstands from Structube that were on backorder and arrived earlier this month. The dresser was a needed addition to our room because we have only been using our Ikea Pax Wardrobe for the last few years (small bedroom!), but I have been needing more space to keep my clothes for a while now. Two drawers isn't enough to hold sweaters, pants and socks and underwear! The dresser is really nice, but the drawers are not very deep or high, and I am finding a lot of drawer organizers won't fit properly. Not a deal breaker, I just need to get creative. The nightstands bring everything together in our room because they are the same colour as our bed, and the legs match the legs of the dresser. It has been years since I have had a nightstand with a drawer, and I am very happy to have this again!

  • Edited to add this bag that I purchased from Poppy and Peonies at the end of the month. I needed something midsize that I can use when we're out and about, but also for travel, and I think this is going to be perfect!

Custom Yoto Sticker from StickerFule

What I Did for Myself:

  • I signed up for dance classes for the month of March! My first one is Friday night, and I am equally nervous and excited! I'll report back!

  • I went on dates with friends: coffee, walks, dinner out(!) felt so good.

  • I made a LinkedIn profile to help myself find freelance writing and editing jobs.

  • I booked some weeks of summer camp for Harper to relieve some of the "what the heck are we going to do for 8 weeks?!" pressure off of myself : )


Your Turn! Are you watching any of the same shows that I am? What did you read this month that I need to add to my list? What did YOU do for yourself this month?!

Comment below, or send me a message on Instagram : )

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