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May 2024 Recap

BAM! It's officially a summer month, and I am SO excited for the season to begin!!

May was a busy month in our house. Between Mother's Day, Dance Recitals, Soccer Nights, and our trip out West, it felt like we were very BUSY. We are still on vacation as I write this, but I didn't want to miss posting for a month, because I really like these recaps!

Forgive me for this one being shorter than the others : )


A recap of what I did in May:

What I Read:

  • Abby Jiminez: Part of Your World Last month I shared that I read "Just for the Summer" before realizing it was the last book in this series. I loved "Part of Your World" just as much, and I still think you can read them as stand alone books, but if you're going to read both anyway, I think that if you read Part of Your World followed by Just for the Summer, you might be excited about some of the characters that reappear, and it might make the books that much better.

  • Kristin Hannah: The Women AHHHHH! If there is any book I read this month (year?!) to yell from the rooftops about, it's this one! Kristin Hannah writes historical fiction in a way that absolutely grips you, and this book is no exception. It takes place during the Vietnam war, and taught me so much about that time period in America, as well as what life was like working as a nurse for the wounded in Vietnam. I could NOT put this down, and read the 468 pages in less than three days. Near the end, every time I thought I could figure out how the book was going to end, there was curve ball after curve ball that completely changed the story in a way that I never saw coming. Trust me and add this one to your list- it's SO good.

  • Kristin Hannah: The Nightingale After I posted on Instagram about reading "The Women", a lot of people told me I had to read "The Nightingale", so I did. I found this book VERY hard to read at certain parts. I think a large part of that is because it takes place during WWII, and I knew some details that the characters didn't know yet. This book was disrupting my sleep, and stressing me out. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to finish it... but then I got through the scary parts, and the book rewarded me with the BEST ending it could have had given the subject manner. I am conflicted if I would recommend it to others, but it is a really good book.

What I Watched:

  • Dancing for the Devil (Netflix) This 3 episode documentary focuses on TikTok dancers that unknowingly became part of a cult when they sought out community and management. Spoiler: it's not a good idea to have your church leader manage your business. This is a quick watch that also shows how easy it is to become brainwashed when you least suspect it.

  • Unfrosted (Netflix) This was the most ridiculous movie and I think if it wasn't so cast-heavy, I would have stopped watching it early on. It tells the untrue story of how PopTarts were invented, and it seems like any idea that came up during script writing somehow made it into the plot. haha it's ridiculous, but you probably need to still watch it.

  • Bullshit (Netflix) Hosted by Howie Mandel, this game show asks the guests trivia questions, and then they have to tell the other 3 contestants why their answer is correct. They can see once they choose their answer if it was right or not, but no one else can. The contestants then have to vote if they think the player was bullshitting their answer, or telling the truth. If one of them thinks they were telling the truth (or if they actually got the answer right), they go to the next level, and continue playing for a chance to win a million dollars. It's pretty funny, and an easy watch.


I find this monthly recap holds me accountable to do more for myself in addition to what I already do for/with my kids. I hope you enjoy reading them, and I encourage you to make a note for yourself every month of what you read, watch, purchase, and do for yourself too!

As always, feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram ( @grey.nextdoor ) if you have watched/read the same things as me and want to share your thoughts or suggest something else for me to add to my reading list!

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