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Newborn Must Haves

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We had Harper for about a week before we realized a few things: amazon prime is essential with a newborn, the bottle rack we "didn't need" became a necessity for our counter top sanity, and the "super organized" closet I envisioned just wasn't practical when it came to digging through baskets for the right sized sleeper.

A few of the items that helped us get through those first few weeks of chaos and heart eyes:

  • Ergobaby swaddlers: We had three of these, but you might be able to get away with two. They are sooo much easier to use than traditional swaddle blankets because they come with velcro to keep everything tucked in tight. We used these for naps and bedtime, and they're still in great condition to either use again ourselves or to pass on.

  • Medela Freestyle breast pump: I avoided getting a pump until I knew whether or not I would need one. I ended up using this around the clock for four months. It isn't "fun" to use by any means, but it gets the job done, and worked great.

  • Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet: Such a great buy! It's light weight, and folds up like a camping chair. Harper slept in this in our room every night, and we brought it into our living room every morning where she had her daytime naps. I loved being able to throw it into the suv and bring it with us when we visited friends & family. Now that she isn't using it anymore, it is folded in our furnace room taking up hardly any room at all.

  • Earth mama organics herbal perineal spray & booby tubes: The spray helps speed up healing and keeps you feeling fresh, and the tubes are a hot/cold compress filled with flaxseed. They help with nursing aches & pains as well as milk production. *Just don't put them in the oven like we did. haha I had to order a second pack because Matt burnt mine

  • Hushh Sound Machine: I wish I purchased this sooner than I did. At first, we used the "sound machine" that came with the bassinet, but it would turn off on it's own after a few minutes, and this works so much better. It has a wide range of volume, charges in about an hour, lasts all night, and has three tones to choose from. We still use this product to this day. It drowns out outside noise (this is especially helpful because we live in a bungalow) , and comforts the baby. It's great for travel, and for "recreating the sleep environment" no matter where you end up. Highly, highly recommend.

  • Baby Tracker App: 9 months later, and I am still using this! I use it to track diapers, feeds, naps, and I used to use it to track how much I pumped every day. It keeps our day on track, and saves me from having to remember multiple time frames. When my doctor or midwife had a question, my app had the answer.

What were the things you used during those first few weeks that you swore by? Comment below!


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