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Advent Calendar Ideas!

For as long as I can remember, we would start every December with chocolate (Lindor) advent calendars. We would open our doors every day, and compare which chocolates we each got. Super cute, but the thought of spending $80 on chocolate calendars this year had me second guessing the idea. Then I was looking into toy advents, but the thought of 24 more books/toys in my home had my head spinning.

red hanging advent calendar filled with gifts, chocolates, and activities to do in December

This advent calendar was a part of the Jillian Harris and Canadian Tire collaboration last year. I LOVED it, but I was getting other things from the collection, and decided not to get the calendar at the time. But THIS YEAR it was *on sale* at Canadian Tire and I could practically hear the angels singing as I added it to my cart. I was so excited to create my own!

If you remember my October 1st box, I wanted this calendar to be the same idea: things that we would normally be doing anyway, but with a fun twist. Some of these items will be used again in next year's calendar too. If you choose to make one yourself, you can make it as simple or as extravagant as you would like.

Advent Calendar insert cards, chocolates, and a candy cane

I took the pink cardboard packaging from the calendar and cut it into small rectangles to write activities (movie nights, dance recitals, lights) or some days added a number corresponding with a number on a gift that didn't fit into the pockets (pjs, window decals, mugs). You could also print these from your computer and get super fancy making them fit perfectly into the pockets with borders and such.

I purchased most of our calendar gifts from Dollar Tree, Bulk Barn, and Canadian Tire, and made note of weekend days for activities.

Keep in mind that I have a one year old and a four year old. This is mostly for the 4 year old this year, but chocolate days are for the adults too : )

Our 2023 Advent Calendar:

1. Christmas Pajamas for both girls + a Yoto Christmas Card

2. Glow Sticks for the Santa Claus Parade!

3. chocolates

4. Hot Chocolate + nutcracker mugs

5. chocolates

6. candy canes

7. ornaments

8. Window Clings

9. Chocolate molds + movie night!

10. A sweater for the baby (she gets the short end of the stick for most of this) + erasers for H 11. candy canes

12. chocolates

13. H: Gabby's Dollhouse matching cards (dollar tree!) M: lightbulb stroller toy

14. chocolates

15. movie night!

16. Dance recital + chocolates

17. Holiday pasta *winners find!

18. candy canes

19. Nutcracker Tickets (date night with mom!)

20. chocolates 21. chocolates

22. Drive to see local christmas lights

23. movie night!

24. Mickey kinder egg

Other ideas:

Little People (we love these!)

Bake cookies

Build a snowman (if you're guaranteed snow where you live)


Christmas parties

Visit Santa

Write/mail Christmas cards

Wrap presents


Christmas books (love this idea! I've seen these wrapped to open each day too)


Hope this helps! Let me know if you have other ideas that you put in yours : )

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